Meet Mark


Mark is new to the team but no stranger to sports massage therapy, having been the
beneficiary of treatment since his early teens as a long-distance runner, and qualifying in the
discipline himself in 2018.

He has worked in both office and construction roles and as such, can relate to the aches and
pains incurred in those professions. Mark has provided treatment to a wide range of people
with occupational issues, such as bricklayers with bad backs, office professionals suffering
from tension in their shoulders, and athletes seeking to remain injury-free and improve
their performances.

Mark believes that sports massage can benefit everyone, and treats every person as an
individual with specific needs. Daily life can put us through a lot, so whether you feel you
need help to stay injury-free and boost your performance, have a nagging ache that won’t
go away or just need the stress taken out of you after a long day, he’d be delighted to help!